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Aside from beautiful beaches and historical buildings, tourists love to come back in Phuket because of delicious food. There are a lot of restaurants that suits your taste, serving a huge selection of Western and Asian food. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions in Phuket.

See below lists of restaurants that serves high quality and delicious food!

10 best Restaurants in Phuket:

1. Khanom Jeen Mae Ting

Located at base of Rang Hill on Satun Road, Khanom Jeen Mae Ting is popular and excellent in breakfast spot. Fresh white noodles are available here with five different sauce to choose from. Also, grab a few pieces of fried chicken and try some fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits to make your day a great one.


2. One Chun Cafe & Restaurant

One Chun Café & Restaurant is a Thai cuisine with a vintage decorations that makes the place a relaxed one. Located at Thepkasattri Road in Phuket Old Town, One Chun is very popular because of the good food, affordable prices and refreshing place. They features 13 page menu and serves only genuine Sino- Thai and Southern Thai dishes. The most popular dish is the crabmeat curry in coconut milk.

One Chun Café & Restaurant is the right place for those who want to try an authentic Thai cuisine with a mixed of old and new atmosphere in style.


3. Ko Benz

Ko Benz is one of the most popular place in Phuket to eat at night. This restaurant has been serving locals from 15 yrs and it is located at the opposite of Jo Ong Shrine.

Ko Benz is famous for it’s Kao Lao Lued Moo which is the pork intestines and pork blood soup and the Kao Tom Haeng which is the dried porridge. They only serve 7 dishes so you can try everything. It is open from 7pm-3:30am every day except Buddhist days.


4. The Factory Café

Factory Café is located in front of the Phuket Pavilion Hotel near Khao Rang Hill Phuket Town. This is a unique coffee shop with luxury interior designs. The Café has a brick counter on gray concrete floor, with brown leather sofas and metal folding chairs. This place has a good atmosphere and perfect for those who wants to just sit back and relax, read books, meet-ups and chat with friends along with great taste of drinks and cakes.


5. Mor Mu Dong

People travel along way to come to Mor Mu Dong. The food is very local and yet looks very special. The menu is large and they serve mostly seafood, meats, vegetables and fruits. The place looks simple and rustic but you will feel enjoyment. It more looks like a garden than a restaurant. You can choose where you want to eat: at the small private sala built over the mangrove or under the trees and you will sit on mats with off low tables or in a standard tables and chairs. Mor  Mu Dong is located at Mueang Phuket.


6. Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is one of a beachfront dining options in Karon Beach Phuket. It is a small and cozy coffee shop with modern style that serves delicious cup of coffee and drinks in different varieties. The place if perfect to witness the wonderful Andaman Sea through the glass walls of the venue. Coffee Talk is considered a vibrant beach side family-friendly venue offering an authentic slice of Italy in a sumptuous Phuket setting.


7. Mama Restaurant

Mama restaurant is one of the exceptional restaurant in Phuket. It has an idyllic settings and spacious outdoor. They offer international dishes, seafood specialties and Thai food in modern style. They have the best Chef in town and good staff in the restaurant that makes the atmosphere more cheerful and fun dining experienced. Mama restaurant can visit at Patak Road, Karon Beach Phuket.


8. Romsai Restaurant​

Romsai is a uncommon restaurant nearby beach with beautiful view of the sea. This is a great escape over the weekend as the place is very simple and you’ll feel refresh from the sound of the sea waves and wind from the trees. They serve local Thai food with quality and in a very affordable price.

Romsai is located right before Thavorn Beach Resort, a small house on the left.


9. Ta Tauy​

For those having a vacation on Khao Beach and looking for a near restaurant, Ta Tauy Restaurant is the answer. It is a small restaurant that offers local Thai food. Their highlight menu is the seaweed salad with shells, shrimps and vegetables in an affordable price. Ta Tauy restaurant can be found at Soi Ruam Tha Chatchai Sarasin bridge in Phuket Phang Na


10. Baba Pool Club Restaurant

Baba pool club is an international restaurant with stylish and beautiful atmosphere. Aside from the panoramic view that you will see in here, they serves a variety of high quality food, weather it is a local Thai dishes or international dishes. This restaurant has many customers so better get a reservation before heading to the place to try this one of a kind cuisine in Phuket. This is located at Tambon Wichit Amphoe Mueang Phuket.

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