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“Loei”, the province with a “short” name but if you talk about it, it’s long.

It is one of the province in the Northeast Thailand.

There are many green places to chill.

Every place is beautiful as well.

See it Live will going to take everyone on 5 different attractions in Loei Province.

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1. Phu Kradueng National Park

Loei province without  Phu Kradueng National Park is nothing (Phu Kradueng National Park is one of the famous attraction here)  

And if you talk about Phu Kradueng, it is known for the story of bringing people to the peak of the mountain as a proof of true love.

If you go as a couple, it means you can conquer all and the love will last a lifetime.
But this story is just a myth and I really don’t know if all of this are true.

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(Credit Picture : https://pantip.com/topic/36434897

But what’s critical is the distance of walking to get here.

Overall, it is 9 km walk up to the hill ; 5 km hiking trails and 4 km ramps.
It is one of a cruel path.

(Credit Pic : https://pantip.com/topic/36434897)

When you’re on the top of Phu Kradueng, throw away the tiredness when you see the admiring environment while on the cliff.
On the other hand, getting here is worth the pain.

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2. Phu Lom Lo

The pink mountain is known as the land of Sakura Thailand.
The mountains are covered with Wild Himalayan Cherry flowers.

(Credit Pic : https://www.airmosphere.net)

Phu Lom Lo is located on the boundary of the three provinces; Loei, Phetchabun and Phitsanulok.
In Phu Lom Lo, there are many spots where you can find the Wild Himalayan Cherry.

(Credit Pic : http://www.khonkaenlink.info )

The best season to see the cherry blossom flowers is during winter.
It is in between the month of January and February where flowers are in full bloom.

(Credit : https://blog.traveloka.com/th/local-travel/20-places-in-northeast/)

3. Phu Pa Por

Fuji is another name for Phu Pa Por Mountain, with its mountainous peaks.
It looks like Fuji Volcano of Japan.

(Credit Pic : http://www.paiinaiidii.com)

From the ever-degraded forest area of ​​the Phu Kho- Phu Kratae National Reserved Forest.
The damage was very heavy but now, it has been restored and returned to fame as Fuji.

(Credit Pic : https://www.mildbreath.com/place/33/)

4. Huay Krating

Rafting going to Huai Kra ting, this is a dam reservoir surrounded by bamboo forest.
Cold wind blows all the time. It is one of the most popular attractions on the water !! literally water attraction.

(Credit Pic : https://www.facebook.com/wisitporn.cheyasak)

The activity that people like to do here is rafting, eating Som tum and relax in the middle of the reservoir.
Anyone who wants to play water activities can rent a lifeboat to explore the reservoir.

(Credit Picture :https://blog.traveloka.com/th/local-travel/5-places-5-hotels-to-go-in-chiangkhan/ )

5. Chiang Khan

Change the atmosphere to experience a slow life along the Mekong River at Chiang Khan.
Another popular tourist attraction of Loei. Nature is beautiful and people are pretty.

(Credit Pic : http://lesflaneriesdaurelie.com/en/thailande-chiang-khan/ )

Chiang Khan is a small community. Still have old houses to see.
At night, there will be a pedestrian street full of tourists and merchants.

(Credit Picture :https://blog.traveloka.com/th/local-travel/5-places-5-hotels-to-go-in-chiangkhan/ )

There is a small road to the river to see the Mekong River as well.