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Did you know that Krabi has a variety of terrain?

It has sea, mountains, caves, rivers, mangrove forests that are very lovely.

The province is also known for having freshwater and salt water.

And if you talk about the best sea in the world, Krabi is on top of the list.

Some hollywood movies were filmed here.

Today we will show everyone the view of other attractions spot in Krabi.

To prove that aside from the sea, there’s a lot more to see.

(Credit Pic : Pantip /สีซอให้ใครฟัง) 

1. Tham Phi Hua To

Tham Phi Hua is known literally as Skull Cave, also named Tham Hua Kalok .

The cave is located in  Ao Luek District near Phang Nga Bay in southern Thailand.

It is part of Than Boke Koranee National Park.

The human head has been found to be larger than normal. It is called the cave head,

which looks like it has a limestone attached to it.

Hightlight : 

The highlight of this cave is not just the discovery of heads.

It has an ancient paintings that has been around since prehistoric times.

There are many historical photos in the cave walls. Those who like to learn history would love this place.

(Credit Pic : Facebook /Pkimage) 

2. Than Boke Koranee Waterfall

Big forest in the center of the mountain. It is part of Than Boke Koranee National Park.

A large national park that covers both land and sea.

This waterfall is the main water resources in Krabi.

It is a peaceful eco-tourism.

(Credit Pic : krabilist.com) 

Highlight : 

The highest point of the waterfall is a large pool called (Sa Than Boke Koranee)

It is an emerald green water source.

People call it as Anodard Pool of Himmapan Forest

You will probably find Kinnaree, flying out of the water here. (Just Kidding!)

(Credit Pic: Twitter/ LifeBraryjourney)

3. Tha Pom Klong Song Nam

It is one of the amazing spot in Thailand.

The canal is a joint of 2 water (fresh and saltwater).

When the sea is high, crystal clear water pours off a nearby limestone mountains, mixing with seawater and turning emerald as you head towards the ocean.

The park’s ecology consists of seawater, rainforest and mangrove trees.

(Credit Pic: Facebook/ jobbyjobbu)

(Credit Pic: Facebook/ jobbyjobbu)

Highlight : 

A small stream of ecosystem that is rich and abundant.

The clear water is emerald because of the minerals, calcium carbonate and sulfur mixed in, so it became like a clear glass.

(Credit Pic : krabiimmigration.go.th)

4. Noppharat Thara Beach

It is a great little pier, which acts as a hub for ferries travelling back and forth from the magnificent surrounding islands.

It is located in Noppharat Thara - Krabi Province.

A lot of beautiful Pine trees. The residents call this beach as a dried-canal beach,

Due to when it is low tide, the water dries up and reveals a long, seashells-paved seashore.

(Credit Pic: chillnaid.com)

Highlight : 

The quiet beach is about 3 kilometers long.

This place is suitable for anyone who wants a calm beach but not that beautiful water, yet it’s quiet and private.

(Credit Pic: tapoma.com)

5. Railay Beach

Another beautiful beach that is part of Noppharat Thara National Park.

Railey Beach is a well-known tour spot of many tour operators in Krabi,

Due to its limestone mountains that is popular for many years.

The beach is beautiful, especially the stunning sunset view.

(Credit Pic: dametraveler.com)

Highlight : 

There is a limestone mountain that separates Railay Beach offshore, East Railay Beach and West Railay Beach

The beach is skirted by high limestone cliffs on both sides reasons to have an easy to use boardwalk.

It is popular for rock climbing and sunset viewing.

(Credit Pic: Wikrabi Wichean Ruanngam)

6.  Poda Island

Popular Island not far from coast, can be seen on the beach at Noppharat Thara or Ao Nang.

When you look at it from a far, Poda Island is a small island.

It is just a few minutes from the shore, you can find it very attractive.

(Credit Pic: quora.com)

Highlight : 

Poda Island is a group of Island consists of Kai Island, Thap Island, Mho Island and the biggest island called Koh Poda.

Koh Poda Island is about 8km from Ao Nang.

This island is popular for snorkeling activity which has a bunch of coral and fish.

(Credit Pic: krabiguidemap)

7. Khao Khanab Nam Caves          

The most famous landmark of Krabi Province

A landmark that stands out in the middle of the city.

The river runs between the two beautiful limestone cliffs.

(Credit Pic : Facebook/ mumu.thawatchai)  

(Credit Pic : campaignactivity.com)

Highlight :

Explore via long tail boat to see the city of Krabi or have a chance to encounter the stalagmites and stalactites in the caves.