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Immerse yourself with nature in Ban Mae Klang Luang, a small and beautiful villages in Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai.

Ban Mae Klang Luang is a well-known rice field layer mountains that can be divided into 4 villages, the Ban Mae Klang Luang, Ban Pha Hmon, Ban Nong Lom, and Ban Ang Kaa Noi. Each village contains community of families that live their uniqueness and traditional lifestyle.

The main occupation in the villages is the rice terraces farming, this field of agriculture helps protect the natural resources and nature.

Ban Mae Klang Luang is being held as one of the ecotourism community destination in Chiang Mai. Several local and tourist visitors come here to experience the warm hospitality, culture and living conditions aside from the magnificent forest landscapes and 360 degree peak view it can offer.

Activities such as bird watching, trekking, fishing, cotton weaving, coffee brewing and cooking are available for those who want cultural adventures.

The best time to see the rice fields is during August to October and to get here from Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, take Highway 108 (Chiang Mai-Hot) through Amphoe Hang Dong, Amphoe San Pa Tong, and Amphoe Chom Thong for about 50 km., then take Highway 1009 towards Doi Inthanon National Park for about 26 km., and turn left to Ban Mae Klang Luang.

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