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Ban Chang Thun Trat, Thailand

Located at the east coast of Thailand, Trat province is known for the numerous islands scattered in its coastline. This place is also blessed with an abundance of natural resources such as mountains, forests, and rivers. They also have small villages and now we will take a look of their simple lifestyle and culture.

“Bang Chang Thun” is known as ecological museum Chong Ban Chang Thun in the district Bo Rai, Trat. They have native people in Trat which is commonly known as “hill tribes” or sometimes “ethnic minorities”. These people lives in the north and northwest part of the country but most of them are settled in East of Thailand in Rayong Chanthanaburi and Trat. They have their own unique culture and language.

The entire community serves as a museum that focuses on the cultural identity of the people who live there. The people in the village act as a team of keepers, they design and arrange visitor’s activities and routines to give them the first-hand experience of their local lifestyle and to show the beauty of their environment. 

This province have a variety of delicious food that you would love to try.  Enjoy the traditional local recipes like curries, freshly cooked fish, fried pork with salt, delicious desserts and of course the famous sticky rice.

If you want to travel from one villages to another, motorcycles and motorless boattrips are available. These are their means of transportation that will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

The rolling hills of Ban Chang Thun, Trat have a long history of being the source of high quality of gemstones. This led to the area developing into a major gem mining and trading centre. That’s why tourists are excited to visit this place because they will experience this kind of activity.

The famous precious red gemstone in this province is the “Siamese ruby”. The color of the gem depends on the trace amounts of other elements found in the stone. The red coloring of ruby is due to the presence of chromium. Sapphires, diamonds and emeralds are also considered genuinely precious stones that can be found in Trat.

Spend time to relax on their spa massage. Girls will definitely enjoy this activity.

The basketry art using khlum bark at Ban Chang Thun is made of household products such as baskets, lamps, mats and jelly fish fruit basket. They use it as a steam bath before you do the Thai spa massage.

Tourists enjoy this steam bath most especially those who want to relax their muscles and improve their blood circulation. It takes about 15-20 minutes.

After you’re done on the steam bath, traditional Thai massage awaits you.

After the relaxing Thai massage, they will give you a herbal medicine that you can use for compress and acupuncture.

Ban Chang Thun is open from 10:00 to 16:00 .

For more information, contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT). Trat Office tel. 039597259-60 House Museum and Group President Chang Thun Tel. 09-2542-9395 .