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Aside from celebrating LOVE this February, the most important festival for Thai-Chinese communities is the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is marked as a start of the New Year by visiting or gathering family and friends with special meals, fireworks, vibrant cultural performances and gift giving. It is a festive atmosphere of local Chinese culture at its liveliest.

Celebrate Chinese New Year by visiting these 5 Thai-Chinese Community places in Thailand.

1. Yaowarat Chinatown in Bangkok 

Yaowarat Chinatown or Bangkok Chinatown has a lot of street food stalls and shops wherein during Chinese New Year, it will transform into a stage of red lanterns for the lion and dragon dancing show and the Chinese opera shows.

2. Talad Noi in Bangkok

Talad Noi usually have a simple and quiet celebration of Chinese New Year but it is the most characteristic and cultural Chinese place to explore. The streets has a lot of arts that reflect the Chinese community heritage. In here, you’ll find a Chinese Mansion called Sol Heng Tai wherein everyone’s free to visit.

3. Kudi Jeen and Khlong San in Bangkok

Kudi Jeen and Khlong San also celebrate Chinese New Year in a simple way. Most of the people visit this place because of the old age Chinese shrines like Kian Un Keng Shrine and Guan Yu Shrine.

4. Dragon Descendants Museum in Heavenly Dragon Park Suphan Buri

Celebrate Chinese New Year by visiting the giant golden dragon in Heavenly Dragon Park Suphan Buri. You can learn the history and culture of Thai-Chinese communities through fun multimedia experience. Explore the Chinese Dragon village and visit the Suphan Buri Pillar Shine nearby.

5. Old Town and shrines in Phuket

If you want to feel the vibrant way of celebrating Chinese New Year, visit the Old Town and Shrines in Phuket as they have the most colorful festivities in town. They have several choices of Chinese food, different Chinese style houses, shrines, museums and mansions with its own history and beauty.


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