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Songkhla! I confessed that at first I secretly thought it would be nothing but about mermaid at the time we went to the island to take photos.

It took me a while to believe that this is a very interesting province.

People who plan to go to the south want to visit Songkhla and it is in their travel list.

(In this episode Journey of the Souls will take you to Songkhla. You can see how beautiful Songkhla in this link)   

Wake up to the beach on the east side of Songkhla.

The beach is beautiful, interesting to see the way of life of Songkhla people in the morning.

It is unbelievable that life is very chill. Morning in Songkhla, they will bring children to the beach.

Take a walk on the cows. Take the dogs out to play. Let yourself be let go of your heart.

Come with me and chill with my #HondaRebel     

First morning in Songkhla with me and my son HondaRebel )  


Then take the cable car to see the 360 degree view of Songkhla on top of the hill.

Keep your heart locked in the sky and the sea is the witness.

Then tell to my heart I will not let anyone who does not love me enough.

If I find lovelocks that is empty, I will take it to lock it. (out of cruelty).

(This is a beautiful sunny day, I love Songkhla when I first saw this


At the top of the hill, there is an ancient pagoda.

Re-established during the reign of Majesty King Rama IV.

Ancient brick architecture.

This is a good day to take pictures, even if the temperature is so hot we still working.

Thanks to all my crew for working so hard. (Thanks to all of you)


At the top of the hill, there are many interesting angles to photograph.

This is a lighthouse built by King Rama 5.

It is still working and restoring until now.

At night, we drove through the lighthouse seeing that the lights still working.

Navigate the sea to return back close to the land.


No need to be expert in history, it would be enough to remember from book of grade 5 and from the high school excursions. If you see this architecture, it’s in the reign of King Rama 4 and King Rama 5.

This is influenced by the trade of neighbors and foreign countries, both in Europe and China.


This is the first view after going out of the cable car up to the hill, it is a beautiful sea in the Gulf of Thailand.


 (Even the sun is deadly hot, we still smile)        

Who wants to lock the heart on the top of the Tang Kuan Hill

I recommended that the person who brought love locks make sure that it is real love because

it will be melt as a bell into the wind.


There are antiques to protect Songkhla. It is evidence that Songkhla is a coastal city before.

It is said that there was a pirate raids in the pagoda on the hilltop during 17th-18th century.

The name of the hill appeared in western document that Singora Singor or Singrakar means the highest peak.

The Thai language "Singha" corresponds to the location of Songkhla.

This area of ​​Songkhla is originally under the rule of governors and Muslim citizens.

It has been evacuated and brought by the Javanese partisans. Escape from the pirates heavy threatening in the island of Java, cruise to the shore of the Red Head.


Personally think that there will be a ball bearing washing out of the cannon in the age to protect themselves every moment.

Not for use for time. (As he wrote the label), but that's just the idea of ​​me.

Who will come to the ball bearings only tell time. It's a waste of time when the country needs protection.



On the top of the hill, people pay respect to the sacred mountain.

I would like to recommend to stop by to the beautiful red building downstairs from the pagoda, it’s less than 100 steps.


The strange thing about visiting the ancient monastery on Tang KUAN HILL is

this multi-cultural design mixed with the steps of this serpent.

It is good to know that if the former Songkhla people were Muslims

the culture of the naga ladder is unlikely to happen.

and we never saw this kind of serpentine in the south.

(Look at my face! It's still fresh)


As I told you before that the art of his reign is modernism

It is mixed between Thai, Chinese and European.

A beautiful red brick building will be renovated. It will be worth it.





(Time to Travel)


(Songkhla girl, she’s cute!)

(The weather is very hot, the clothes wear off one by one, sit at the coffee shop,)

(Our dinner time at the resort, the price is so affordable)


(Songkhla Keeree Resort. It is a lovely resort and the owner is also a senior at the Grammy, the world is really round.)

(Front view of the resort, I came here to visit Songkhla)

( Our bedroom tonight, my pajama must be a little squeaky)

(For this trip, I have to say good bye and go to sleep , ZZzz.)