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Chantaburi is a province in southeast Thailand that has beautiful natural resources, forest and wildlife.  It is also known for gem dealing and tropical fruit. One of the famous national park here is the “Khao Sip Ha Chan”, come and join us with See it Live Thailand to see what’s unique about this park!

Khao Sip Ha Chan National Park consists of intact forest and serves as a home of monkeys, gibbons, gaurs and bantengs.

The park is popular for its “Khao Sip Ha Chan Waterfall”, also known as “Khlong Sai Waterfall”, a medium size waterfall with 15 tiers where water flows constantly throughout the year. This waterfall offers a very attractive and charming place with a panoramic view. Walking trail is available for visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature in the park.

Other tourist’s attraction in the park is the Khao Sip Ha Chan viewpoints wherein the scenery, waterfalls, cliffs and mountainous landscapes can be seen.

There is also campsite areas available for those who want to stay for a night or two, the plain grassland is about 14km on the west of the park. Visitors are able to build tent to relax, watch stars at night and enjoy the rest of the nature in the park.

To get to Khao Sip Ha Chan, catch a bus from Bangkok to Na Yay Am district. Then get on a minibus (or songthaew) which costs you 40 baht to the entrance of the national park.


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