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Mae Ping National Park is known as one of the most interesting parks in Thailand. There are a lot of features inside the park like caves, waterfall, grassland, river routes and viewpoints.

Located at Chiang Mai province, the park is about 1,003 sq km in area which consists mostly of mountain range with 900 meters height above sea level.

Popular tourist attractions in the park are:

Thung Kik, a grassy land in the east of the park which is home to deers, rabbits and gallus.

Koh Luang Waterfalls, the limestone waterfall with 7 different heights of tiers.

Yang Wee Cave, a limestone cave compose of stalactite and stalagmite.

Kaeng Koh, a beautiful lake with floating raft houses

Phra Yang Wee Pine Forest, fertile and beautiful forest suitable for trekking and camping.

Activities such as camping, bird watching, river trip and trekking are also available in the park.

Discover more about Mae Ping National Park to experience how peaceful and pleasant the nature in Chiang Mai.


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