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What to know about the Similan National Park?

Similan Islands is a national park established in 1982 which is a group of islands in the Andaman Sea, part of Pang Nga Province in southern Thailand. 

It contains 11 islands rich in marine life such as coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and white beaches. Most of the islands are considered one of the best diving sites in the world.

The history of Mu Ko Similan originally has nine islands, that’s why they come up with name of Mu Ko meaning “group of islands” and Similan “Yawi” in Malayan dialect which means “nine”. Luckily, in 2014 the national park expanded its area and add two more islands which are the “Koh Bon” and “Koh Tachai”.

The national park also is a home for a number of bird species like Nicobar pigeons, White bellied sea eagle, Asian koel and Black kite. They are the most common and can be seen everywhere.

The largest island in the park is the “Koh Similan” which is also the favorite destination of local and tourists who like to explore exciting adventures.

The most interesting sights in the park are the huge rocks that scatter on the western and southern shores of several islands.

The islands are open for visitors during November to April and closed during May to Oct when the storms are frequent. To get here, use the boat tour from Tab Lamu Port, south of Khao Lak Phang Nga Province. Boats depart daily and the trip takes about three hours each way on slower boats or 70 minutes via speedboat.


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