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Love to do jungle trekking and butterfly watching, Pang Sida National Park is waiting for you!

Pang Sida National Park located at Tha Yaek, Mueang Sa Kaeo District covers 5 protected areas from Khao Yai to Cambodia border. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists because of its waterfalls, butterflies and birds.

The park consists of mountains with forests, valleys, cliffs, grasslands, and waterfalls. The forests serve as the sources of many streams which are tributaries of the Bang Pakong River or the Prachin Buri River.

Butterfly watching is one of the most interesting activity inside the park. There are 400 different kinds of butterflies that gather and can be seen mostly on wet grounds close to mineral rich puddles and water streams.

Another famous activity to try is the jungle trekking. Trails are provided for visitors who like to do trekking to see the beauty of park’s nature and at the same time witness some of the wild animals and birds. There are available sites like Huai Namyen Stream and Phra Prong Reservoir where numerous kinds of birds can be seen.

Stunnig waterfalls are also the highlight of the park. It provides soothing sights and sounds that gives a sense of calm and relaxation to the visitors and surrounding environment. Well-known waterfalls in the park are Namtok Pha Takien, Huai Nam Yen, Thap Sung and Thap Thewa waterfall.

For visitors who wish to stay in the park for a night or two, there are available camping sites and bungalows that are ready for rent, also small restaurants nearby with good quality of food.

There is no doubt that Pang Sida National Park is declared as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, because the park is an impressive nature tourist spot that has a lot to offer.

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