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If you want to travel but there’s no holiday leave yet, well that’s our problem!

This trip See it Live will take everyone to the island at the South in 2 days and 1 night.

We have a trip in the south in 2 days and we don’t need to worry about the Holiday Leave.

In this trip, we will take everyone to Samui.

For the next few months, a big Music Festival is going to happen at Samui.

It is the Muifest (http://www.seeitlivethailand.com/blog/beformuifest2018begin)

We will explore it first before the event to know what Koh Samui has to offer.


Fly me to Samui

This is a short trip in 2 days and 1 night applicable for those people who has a limited time to travel.

In this trip, money is the answer. Who says that money cannot buy everything? All I know is money can buy time.

Koh Samui is known as a tourist friendly town that’s why travelers love this place so much.

Start the trip with Bangkok Airways fly directly to Koh Samui airport.

There are many flights to choose from throughout the day. The car service from the hotel where we going to stay will pick us up from the airport, that’s why it is really easy.

(The entrance to the hotel is a large arch)

BeachLife in Fair House Villa

On this trip, we stayed at the Fair House Villa & Spa.

There are different kinds of villa to choose from. The hotel is very chill.

(Entrance to the lobby of the Fair House)

(Walk up the stairs)

There’s alot of trees, look like a forest. The villa is divided into 3 zones.

The first zone is on the hill, its overlooking the beach. You will keep tired on walking just to get into this zone.

(Atmosphere around the villa)

But don’t worry because the hotel has a cart service to pick you up to this zone back and forth.

Zone 2 is a Garden Villa zone, no need to walk up to the hill. There are many trees near the way to the beach.

(The atmosphere in the zone and sea)

(The atmosphere in the zone and sea)

Zone 3 is Garden Villa Beach Front, this zone is near the beach.

Rooms are decorated in Thai style. The highlight is the elephant.

But what impressed me here is that when they open the door of the room, it is a big room decorated with millions of stars.

(Room on the hill)

(View from the front of the room on the hill)

(View of Mae Nam beach)

(Beach view from the front of the room)

ฺCool Beach Bar in Samui

After check in, we plan to walk around the hotel to see the Samui’s sunset.

We choose Coco’s Tam for this evening and saw the beautiful sunset.

If you plan to go to Samui, this place is a must to visit.

It has a cozy bungalow beachfront and impressive decors of beach bar.

You’ll get to relax and chill in here.

I'm going to sit on the Beans Bag at the beach watching the sunset.

Play with sand or watch movie on this chic screen to chill.

The food is delicious and the special cocktail of the restaurant makes this evening extraordinary.

Samui Recharge

Woke up and see the lovely sea in front of our hotel and I feel energized.

The atmosphere is very calm. There is a restaurant near the sea, a good way to start the day.

Eat Like a Local

Start the Samui cuisine with the traditional Southern food.

At Khrua Ta Kho, Bang Por Seafood restaurant, the first Traditional Southern restaurant on Koh Samui. The most famous on the island.

Uncle Kho Donsai, the owner, is specialized in local food in Koh Samui that’s why the food here is very interesting, like the appetizer Koei Ji that serves on the table.

Name and appearance of the food may not be similar of what is in Bangkok.

Koei Ji is the coconut paste mixed with coconut and put on the coconut shell then grill.

The taste is salty, it is served with local vegetables.

The next dish is called Hed Lhub Phud Phed, a dish that is unfamiliar to us. It is a spicy mushroom, a popular dish of Samui.

The mushroom is a sea anemone itself. When I first chew it, it was like a squid.

People here like to eat this kind of curry which is spicy.

The next dish is called Y Kua which is a yam roasted. The name is not familiar anymore, but it looks like a squid, which is boiled with coconut milk.

It is a dried squid that is boiled and in salty taste, it’s like a spicy stir-fried as well.

The dish Yum Sarai Kho, is a yummy seaweed (this dish is familiar) with algae, another raw ingredient of the people in this area.

About spicy dish again, this is called En Hoy Phud Cha, the Fried clams

I have to say that this dish is very fresh and very tender with a spicy sauce.

The next dish is called Pla Krabok Ping Hub, the fish racket. This dish looks like a regular fish.

When you eat it, you’ll know that it is cooked by the Southern chef.

The last 2 dishes are the dishes I usually order when I go to the South, it is called Bai Leang Phad Kai, it is a Bai Leang fried with eggs and the Kung Rad Sauce Ma Kham, a shrimp fried with Tammarind sauce.

Overall, this restaurant is worth a visit here in Samui.

See sea Samui

After you enjoy eating and get to know more about food in Samui, it’s time to explore Koh Samui.

We will start at Lad Koh View Point.

Take a panoramic view of Koh Samui. This is a beautiful view and the easiest way to travel on Koh Samui.

On the way to Lamai beach. There is a large pavilion with a good looking and comfortable spot.

Anyone who is physically fit can take a walk near the sea below.

Walking down the hill is not far but very steep. Come up with panting. The views are good.

(Walk down to the Lad Koh View Point)

(Walk down to the Lad Koh View Point)

Driving to reach the landmark of Koh Samui is not far enough.

There are rock formations in strange shapes that I don’t have to describe, you’ll know what it looks like.


Guess what it looks like?

This is an important tourist spot with many souvenir viewpoints.

There are granite rocks in the same area.

Finish taking photo at Hin ta hin Yai Rock stone Landmark. We’re heading to Lamai Beach

The beach is in crescent shape. The second largest beach after Chaweng.

It is popular to foreign tourists.

Take a walk on the beach, you will see that there are many westerners sunbathing at the beach.

I see few Thai people also and some sellers, this one is very unique. 

Another quiet beach. But at night, there are bars open at the side of the beach.

Staying on the beach until the evening is very tiring.

Take a quick dip on the beach and walk to Lamai Street.

Lamai Walking Street Market, it’s open every Sunday night.

In the market, all are handmade crafts.

There are many local dishes for tourists.

Drinks and Shops, let’s sit and chill.

What to do? Listen to the Beat Box music while driving.

Prepare to check out and then proceed to the airport to go back home.

Finish Samui trip with happiness.