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Ratchaburi Province is popular for local and tourist because of beautiful attractions. See it Live Thailand will tour you to one of its district in western part called Suan Phueng.

Suan Phueng District is known for different Mediterranean theme resorts with mountainous landscapes and gardens. A very popular one is the “La Toscana”, it is an Italian Country Style resort with romantic interior and exterior designs accommodation, farm, vineyard and winery. This resort will make you feel the atmosphere of Tuscany region.

Another highlight in Suan Phueng is the “Talad Nam Veneto”, a floating market with romantic atmosphere of Venice. Inside have a lot of shops, restaurants, fountains and a large lake with water activities.

Suan Phueng is also known for few natural resources like “Bo Kleung Hot Spring”, a well-landscape pool where you can enjoy a warm dip and picture taking of the surroundings and the “Gao Jone Waterfalls”, a nine tier waterfalls with trails and forest jungle.

For dining experience, there is also a good place to visit here in Suan Phueng District such as “Krua Karieng” which serves local specialty dishes and a “Noodle Hut” that serves noodles and curry dishes.


Go around and explore the Suan Phueng District Ratchaburi for more natural scenery and romantic atmosphere experience.

To get here, take the Phetkasem Road (Highway 4) or Rama II Road going all the way to Ratchaburi City. Then take Highway 3208 to get directly to Suang Phueng District.

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