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One of Thailand’s most preserved and untouched park is the Tarutao National Park located in the Strait of Malacca, Satun Province in the Andaman Sea.

The Malay word “Tarutao” means “old, mysterious, and primitive” which actually tells about the characteristics of the park.  Tarutao National Park covers 51 islands with well-preserved forests, wildlife, healthy coral reefs and white sand beaches. This is known as the seventh largest island in Thailand.

One of the famous destination in the park is the Ko Lipe, it is a small island in south of Ko Adang. This was one of the most beautiful island in the park before but now, it serves as a pier for long-tail and speed boats that arranged visits to other destination islands for diving, snorkeling and other activities.

Ko Lipe

Ko Tarutao is the largest island in Tarutao National Park, it serves as a home to national park headquarters located at the northwest side of the island. The headquarters area has a visitor center, a small shop and other basic facilities for visitors.

Ko Tarutao

Another attraction in the park is the Ko Adang, the second biggest island that has few trails, waterfalls and nice viewpoint overlooking the Ko Lipe Island.

Ko Adang

But don’t forget to visit Ko Kai which is a very small island between Ko Tarutao and Ko Adang. Ko Kai has a beautiful beach and has a the most majestic view of the park.

Ko Kai

If you love to explore awesome national park beaches and marine life, Tarutao National Park is definitely worth visit for!


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