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People in Thailand love to drink green tea and if you talk about "tea", Chiang Rai comes first in your mind, why? Because most of the famous tea farms are there! Come and join us as we, See it Live Thailand, tours you to 3 famous green tea plantation in Chiang Rai.

1. Doi Mae Salong 101 Tea Plantation

It is a village area in Chiang Rai province called “Santikhiri” where in the main activities is growing tea, primarily high mountain oolang tea. The place have several rows of tea plants hugging the contours of the hills. In it’s background, you’ll see the hills and mountains.

Aside from tea, Mae Salong is also a popular destination for trekkers.


2. Choui Fong Tea, Mae Chan Tea Plantation

It is a growing source of good smelling tea Fong limited and the largest producer of tea in Chiang Rai. Choui Fong Tea has been popular to tourists reason to have a broad coverage of tea plantations planted along the curve of the mountainside.

Aside from the beautiful tea plantation, the place has a restaurant that serves mouthwatering beverages and bakery dishes that enable visitors to keep coming back in this farm all over again.


3. Singha Park Tea Plantation

It is a picturesque park in Chiang Rai with family-friendly attractions. The farm is famous for its production of oolang tea and they have available tours in the park where in visitors have a chance to see how the tea is grown and carefully picked.

Aside from having a tea plantation, the park has a beautiful landscape of trails, lakes and fields to make an attractive destination for local and tourists.

Don’t forget to drop by on any of these place for a much fun and fulfilling visit in Chiang Rai Province.


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