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Songkran Festivity is nearly coming and as we all know it has been the grandest celebration in Thailand culture. The city and provinces mostly celebrated it with parades, street parties, trade fairs and of course the water splashing. So, get ready and be prepared to get wet!

Be mindful on things to prepare for Songkran:

1. Book your hotel in advance. Since Songkran is happening every 13-15 of April yearly and considered as a peak holiday season, look and book for hotel or condo in advance on where you want to stay so you can enjoy the full-time holiday break without a hassle.

2. Bring waterproof casings for your gears. No one is really spared from getting wet that's why protect your gears by bringing waterproof casings and store them on a tight sling or belt bags.

3.  Do not bring too much money and passport. Again, getting wet on the streets are probably most to happen, it's advisable to bring just enough money for the day and a photocopy of passport for emergency use. Don’t forget to put it on a waterproof case also!

4. Wear rubber sandals. Be comfortable to walk on a flooded streets by wearing a rubber sandals or slippers making it easy for your feet to breathe.

5. Use alcohol all the time. Bring alcohol with you all the time so you can clean your hands and feet while resting from a long walk on flooded streets.

6. Buy water guns on the day of the events. The highlight of the water fights is on the 2nd or 3rd day of Songkran, it's better to buy water guns on these days because it’s a lot cheaper.

7. Visit the temples and pay respect. Don’t forget that Songkran is a religious festivity, this is also the best time to visit the temple, pray and pay respect to Buddha.

8. Have Fun! The most important rule is to Have Fun! Getting wet during this season is part of the culture, there's no reason for you to get upset when you get soaked unexpectedly outside. Smile, be courteous and enjoy this unique culture festivity.

Happy Songkran Everyone!

Thanks to http://www.traveltrilogy.com/2015/03/10-things-prepare-thai-songkran-festival.html for the information