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If Yowarat Road will be compared to a Dragon, maybe this is the fattest Dragon in the world.

Yowarat Road is known to be one of the busiest road every day. 

The streets has a lot of restaurants and stalls of food which is open and available anytime of the day; morning, afternoon, evening and even in midnight.



Let's start the morning at Lhong Tou!​

Modern Chinese style decoration

The Chinese decoration blends with the atmosphere on the Yaowarat Road.

But It stands out from the other Chinese restaurant. Even if it is a small shop, the arrangement of every area in the shop is in the details, good, cute and very useful.

It became the highlight of the shop making every corner an Instagrammable one.


(One highlight of the shop are the elevated seats beside the sitting areas)

Another highlight not to miss is the food.

Each menu comes from the original recipe of the restaurant’s owner.

Menu List: Mala fried chicken (79 Baht) Egg Lava Bun (29 Baht) 

Prawn Spring Rolls (59 Baht) Mini BBQ Pork Bun (49 Baht)

This is just some of their menu (because they just had a soft opening and the rest of the menu are ongoing creation by the Chef)


The drinks are also equally interesting.

In every cup of coffee, it comes up with a Tub Tab dessert that you can match with your coffee.

Another way to chill is order some tea to sip while sitting and watching the Yaowarat Road atmosphere.

Open from 6am to 3pm, you can catch a glimpse of the Yaowarat light-colored cocktails.

(In every glass of coffee, it comes up with a little dessert)



Opening Hours: Daily / 06.30 - 21.00 hrs.

FB: Lhong Tou Cafe

Place: Located on Yaowarat Road, at the intersection of Chalerm Buri



Went to the 2nd restaurant to have lunch. Stir Fried Noodles at Odeon Circle​

Cannot believe they made an epic delicious dish at Jae Ben Ngi Ngaow (Ngi Ngaow means stupid).

Jae Ben, the owner of the shop told me that the noodle dish they were selling was made from the stupidity of their nephew

who doesn’t like to eat every noodle dish their grandparents prepared.

So, the grandparents came out with a stir fried noodles and with their surprise the grandchild like it!

(Stir Fried Noodles that doesn’t look silly at all)

The ingredients of this noodles are chicken roast with fried noodles making it in noodle stir fried style.

In the restaurant, there are also other menu available like Stir Fried rice with chicken, pork 50 baht,

or seafood 100 baht that will be served in a pot. It is very nice and it comes out with a delicious sauce.

The highlight in the noodles menu is the soft pork ribs and seafood. The taste is good, soft and sweet.

Want to try? It’s available every Tuesday - Sunday (closed every Monday) at the Odeon Circle. The shop is next to 7/11.



Opening Hours: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm / closed on Mondays.

Place: Odeon Circle


Afternoon Tea​

Afternoon tea at the restaurant to find peace.

The world’s tea house at Yaowarat, the Double Dogs Tea Room

Yaowarat Road is one of Bangkok’s busiest place.

It is a big street market, the best location for walking in a throbs and bustles street side community.

Do you believe that in Chinatown, known to be a crowded place, there is also a quiet corner like a hidden gem waiting to be explored?

This is the Double Dogs Tea Room, a small tea shop located at the center of Yaowarat Road. 

When I opened the door and start to enter the shop, I feel like I enter to another place. 

Inside the shop, there’s a lot of tea and tea leaves available.

The Chinese music is very gentle and soft to hear makes you feel more relaxed.

Their main menu is the Chinese tea, but there are also Japanese and English tea available.

If you are not familiar with the tea, the staff will recommend you their best seller, allowing you to smell and taste it first.

So, if you’re tired walking on the busy street of Chinatown,

come and unwind here in Double Dogs Tea Room to experience a variety of tea in a calming atmosphere.


Opening Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 13.00 - 21.00 hrs. / Friday - Sunday 13.00 - 22.00 hrs.

FB: Double Dogs

Place: Yaowarat Road, opposite Yaowarat Rd.

Tell: 08-6329-3075



Sizzling Nai-Ek Rolled Noodles​

There are many Chinese delicious menu in this restaurant like the Pork Spareribs and Bamboo pith with Chinese Herbs Soup,

Black Chicken with Chinese Herbs Soup, and Braised Pork Rump with rice. 

The taste of every dish is good, not salty.

There is no way not to stop hereby whenever going to Yaowarat.

One of their unique and famous menu is the soup of The Rolled Noodles, it is in clear water soup with pork broth, pepper and spices making it a hot spicy soup. 

This restaurant always have a long queues which guaranteed that their food is delicious. It’s worth the wait.


Tell us: 02 226 4651

Opening Hours: Daily 07.30 - 01.30

Place: Left side of Yaowarat Road 9th floor between Soi Phadungdao (Texas) and Soi Yaowarat.



Beautiful flower shop with rooftop bar, The Wallflowers Upstairs

The mysterious flower shop in Yaowarat has a coffee shop on the 2nd floor called “Nana Coffee Roasters”.

On the roof top, they also have a bar called “Wallflowers Upstairs”.

This popular flower shop is known as the “Oneday Wallflowers” the most blooming building in the area.

The interior design is quite vintage filled with flowers and trees . 

The coffee shop menu consists of nine variety of cakes that look beautiful that I cannot stop taking pictures.

We chose to stay in Yaowarat to have dinner at Wallflowers Upstairs.

There are a lot of people staying there having their cocktails while watching the sunset.


For those who do not drink alcohol, Mocktails are available and their signature drink is the “Signature of Wallflower Thirsty” for 180 Baht. 

(Wallflower Thirsty 180 Baht)

Cocktails are also available like this refreshing drink, Anna (300 Baht)

(Anna 300 Baht) 

Or this strong drink with vanilla aroma, Giovani (300 Baht)

(Giovani 300 Baht)

Aside from their outstanding drinks, they also have snacks and meals to choose from.

Come and sip a cocktail, take a look at Yaowarat, another busy place every Thursday - Sunday from 18.30 - 12.00 am at Soi Nana.



Opening Hours: Thursday - Sunday / 18.30 - 24.00

Facebook: Oneday wallflower

Tel: 09-4661-7997

Place: Rooftop Oneday Wallflowers 31-33 Soi Nana (Khwaeng Pom Prap) Pom Prap Sattru Phai Bangkok