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Let’s turn up the music and dance.

Join and have fun at MUI FEST 2018.

Music festival that combines the local culture of Koh Samui residents.

Blend with music, food and art.

The upcoming weekend of 26 - 28 October 2018.

Koh Samui will be transformed into a fun filled area.

Music, food and art, and many other activities.


But before going to the event in October.

See it Live will take a look of the atmosphere in Soft Opening.

(Can watch the live atmosphere in See it Live website Mobile Live)


Start the travel with Party Flight in Bangkok Airways airline.

The world's top DJ play music and Saxophone on the plane

Turn off all the lights and everyone is waving and rocking.

Take pictures and have fun with them throughout the flight to Samui.

On the day of the flight, anyone who travels with Bangkok Airways will enjoy Party Flight.

(Whispered that who comes to the Mui Fest with Bangkok Airways have more discounts too)

In the evening, you’ll find and enjoy a beachside party at Coco's Tam.

The stage and all the cool decorations at MUI FEST event.

It is decorated by a well-known designer.

The designer of the Coco's Tam will be

the same person who’s going to design this festival.

There are world-class artists:

Aopsher ft Antonio Sax

Maarten Goetheer



Autogaf live set artists are the main line up

who gave color to this event.

To all beach girls and beach boy, who would like to experience the fun and excitement?

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Buy tickets at: