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The Ratchadamnoen road usually have density of cars,

but during Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night

the density of people and cars became high because alot of people

gathered in front of the boxing arena in Ratchadamnoen.

Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium is known as the first standard Thai boxing stadium.

Founded in the period of Field Marshal. Pibulsongkram is a world-class boxing stadium.

This is the place where foreign tourists are most interested in.

There are a lot of Thai people who like boxing and a real fan of it that’s why they are always interested to watch it.

The stadium is divided very clearly, most foreigners prefer to sit in front of a ring match.


The Thai people are mostly seated on the top floor. Most people age who come to watch the boxing event are ranging from 30 to 60 years old.

The line where you can buy tickets is just beside the crowd inside.

The boxing stadium is so large that it can accommodate up to 8,000 audiences.

The staff will assist you to your seat. Inside, there’s a lot of popcorn, milk, butter and other snacks available just like in the movie theater.

And when the bell starts to ring, it is well known that the new battle is about to begin.

The boxing arena is continuously operating for more than 73 years.

More than a hundred thousand boxers have been stepped up in this arena.

Some people come home with victories. Some of them were sent down with defeat.

They will take time to rest for months then they will come back to fight again.

I heard the cheering from the fans all the way.

This is the first time I felt the shock and intensity of the game. I really want to be a boxer on stage.

Who wants to come and experience this new style of boxing arena (those who’s been here for a long time)

It can be visited every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Boxing event usually starts from 6 pm onwards.

In one day, there are 5 rounds of fight and the ticket price is depends on whether the boxer is famous or not.

The closer seat ticket is worth 2000 baht and you’ll feel the sweat from this area.  The other area tickets are in flexible price depends on who is the boxer.

If it is a famous boxer, the price will be expensive but usually the standard price starts from 200 baht (this is for Thai people)

If you are interested, you can call or inquire at 02 281 4205